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Enough is Enough.

VINTAGE MCCARTHY – Wasted Timeouts, Undisciplined Penalties, and Lack of Creativity

The season was on the line tonight and Mike McCarthy failed.  He didn’t just fail with a few minor flaws, he failed spectacularly in vintage Mike McCarthy fashion.  The Packers had season lows for points scored, yards gained, passing yards,… Continue Reading →

Situational Football – Non-existent in Green Bay

Set to receive the ball in the fourth quarter, down two points with 2:05 on the clock, Aaron Rodgers licking his chops with one time out and the two minute warning.. The kickoff sails into the end zone, is caught… Continue Reading →

Fans Start Calling for McCarthy’s Firing… Again

Here at we’ve publicly been calling for the end of the Mike McCarthy era in Green Bay since 2016.  There have been a few glimpses of the rest of Packer Nation stepping up in support of this idea, but… Continue Reading →

When Will the Mike McCarthy Nightmare End?

When will this nightmare end? When will the most talented quarterback to ever play the game be set up for success? The Packers had a brilliant Super Bowl run (let’s not forget they barely made the playoffs in 2010), a… Continue Reading →

Rolling Stone Picks Up Packers Struggles

The Packers melt down has gotten to the point that Rolling Stone is writing an article about how we are wasting the best years of Aaron Rodgers.  Below are a few highlight quotes and a link to the full article…. Continue Reading →

Fans React to Second Embarrassing Loss in a Row…

Content with the status quo is fading.  If this team doesn’t gain positive momentum, the Sack Mike McCarthy movement will.  It is time to make a change, and the fans agree.  Here are some reactions from around the fan base:… Continue Reading →

Media Coverage of McCarthy’s Shortcomings Heating Up

This website began in September.  At that time nobody was calling for the change in leadership in Green Bay, now it is the talk of the NFL.  I wish our season’s fate was not trending in the direction that we… Continue Reading →

McCarthy Loses the Locker Room

A team doesn’t step onto the field and perform as poorly as the Packers did today and honestly feel like they are trying their best.  If they aren’t trying their best, than that means the coach isn’t performing.  It is… Continue Reading →

Bring In Coach Favre?! – Packers Fans React to Second Loss in a Row

A loss at Lambeau to the 3-5 Colts. When is enough, enough? The only reason Mike McCarthy should not be fired at the end of this season is if he 1) He gets fired during the season, or 2) This team… Continue Reading →

Mainstream Media Waking Up to Mike McCarthy

Follow Us on TwitterFollow @sackmccarthy For the first time since the NFC Championship debacle of 2014, the media is discussing the slight possibility of the Green Bay Packers organization post Mike McCarthy. It isn’t like they are calling for his… Continue Reading →

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