A loss at Lambeau to the 3-5 Colts. When is enough, enough? The only reason Mike McCarthy should not be fired at the end of this season is if he 1) He gets fired during the season, or 2) This team carries him to the Super Bowl once again.  The team is failing in all phases of the game.  The players appear unmotivated, special teams letting up big plays, offense not consistently moving the ball, defense that can’t get a stop when they need it, the list goes on and on.

We say it over and over again, this team is too talented to fail due to poor leadership.   The media is starting to agree, the fan base is starting to unite, it is time The Green Bay Packers move on from Mike McCarthy.  Here is what the fan base has to say about today’s loss to the Colts:


Josh from Wisconsin is saying the words “Enough is Enough”!!:


I’ve defended the coaching staff for years but enough is enough. We either don’t have the talent or we don’t have the coaching to make good use of it. I think we have the talent… Time to clean house on this coaching staff before they throw away the rest of our HOF quarterback’s career.


Jamie from Green Bay:

Think it may be time to reset things in GB. I understand the injuries this year but the players just seem unmotivated to win for the past several years. This all falls on the head coach. Time for Mike to go. Bring in Coach Favre??

Lee from Clear Lake, Wisconsin:


We should have hired doug peterson when we had the chance


Todd from Vienna, Ohio:


As i have said all season…. #firemccarthy All the talent on this team and they are 4-4 losing home games like the Cleveland Browns! This team let 1 Super Bowl win go to their heads….enough with the commercials….get back to playing *ucking football boys!

Samuel from Peoria, Illinois:


Only Mike McCarthy would go back to the same predictable offense after two weeks of progress. I am DONE with this coaching staff. It is inexcusable that this team can not function with this type of talent. This goes beyond guys not getting open. This is a deep problem rooted with this culture and coaching staff. Changes must be made.
Edit: Can we stop blaming Rodgers? The guy that put up 340 all purpose yards and 3 TDs is NOT the problem. Maybe Aaron would be more efficient if McCarthy didn’t completely abandon the running game at every half. Montgomery was tearing them a new one every rush attempt he got and we don’t see him run the ball the whole 2nd half

Levi from Ohio:


Mike Mccarthy should NOT be calling the plays on offense… period. I never truly liked the guy all that much in the past and this year is helping me decide I dislike him as a coach. OUR coach. He is the problem…

Chris from San Antonio:


Why would we watch? can you explain why you had to be so freaking predictable with the playcalling yet again? Or else are you gonna make excuses as to what went wrong and what we didn’t do well?This coaching staff has had tons of support over the last few years but the real fans won’t stand for mediocrity and that’s what we are getting. It’s time for a change. Something. Anything. Or else we face wasting the rest of Rodgers’s hall of fame career!#RantOver