Content with the status quo is fading.  If this team doesn’t gain positive momentum, the Sack Mike McCarthy movement will.  It is time to make a change, and the fans agree.  Here are some reactions from around the fan base:

Karina from Wisconsin:

Last week and this week I thought I was watching our Green Bay Packers. I think I had the wrong channel on because that was not the Green Bay Packers I know. Will the real Green Bay Packers please stand up?

Dan from Wisconsin:


I am almost ASHAMED, TO have that as my profile Pic……
McCarthy doesn’t belong calling the plays…..!!!
Yes, we are injured, but we are NOT broken !!!!

We can still turn this ship around, but NOT doing what we have…..
Time for a change, time to change up the play calling !!!!

Robert from Unknown:


McCarthy is one of the more talented coaches in the league and has a calm and professional demeanor that pro players tend to respond well to. (As opposed to the fire breathing Greg Schiano types) That said, this team is looking unprepared week after week, and it’s getting worse. This looks like a team that is quitting on their coach. While I think and hope that McCarthy will do well in the future, it might be time to part ways. Maybe a new vision and perspective will be able to get more results from this group of players. (Many of whom could be gone after this season too)



Exactly. I hate it when people assume that when we want McCarthy gone, they think we’re saying that he sucks. He’s probably a good coach, but he’s not getting to the players here anymore. It’s time for a new voice, and I’m sure he’ll succeed elsewhere. Tom Coughlin won two Super Bowls with the Giants yet he was fired, McCarthy can be fired as well.

I do wish him the best of luck as well.


He’s not that good of a coach. He’s had 2 HOF QBs and won 1 Super Bowl.