Here at we’ve publicly been calling for the end of the Mike McCarthy era in Green Bay since 2016.  There have been a few glimpses of the rest of Packer Nation stepping up in support of this idea, but nothing like the rumblings 5 games into the 2018 season.

The closing paragraph of The Ringer’s article puts the nail on the head:

Rebuilding your front office, staff, and playbook doesn’t matter when the guiding force and overarching philosophy don’t change, too. With McCarthy at the helm this season, the Packers offense looks just as stale and broken as it has over the past few years. In seasons past, that hasn’t mattered: Rodgers rose from the ashes, strapped the Packers offense to his back, and soared into the postseason. But it just shouldn’t have to be that hard. Sure, if Mason Crosby makes a couple of field goals Sunday, the Packers likely beat the Lions, and the systemic issues get downplayed for another week. But watching an offense led by Rodgers shouldn’t be a chore. Proclamations about “running the table” and decrees to “relax” shouldn’t be necessary in the first place. Every time Rodgers carries Green Bay to another winning season, the rotting foundation of the Packers offense is forgotten. But that doesn’t mean it’s stopped deteriorating. And maybe this is the year when the situation becomes just dire enough to inspire real change.

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Let’s take a look at the Fan bases’s feelings after week 5’s loss to The Lions: