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Shouldn’t we have faith The Packers will snap out of this and find their groove?

We are some of the most optimistic people you will ever meet.  We’d like nothing more than for the Packers to turn this season around and hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy! The reality as we see it that in 2010 the only reason we controlled our own destiny to make the playoffs was due to the amazing Eagles comeback  over the Giants engineered by Michael Vick and ended by Desean Jackson’s punt for a TD as time expired.  Watch the highlights, they are unreal! –

The Packers needed to win the last two games of the 2010 season to secure the wild card spot.  They did, McCarthy crafted some offensive schemes that worked, Rodgers got hot, the defense produced turnovers, and we hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in AT&T stadium.  The next year we went 15-1 only to get spanked by the Giants at home, and since then let’s all be honest with ourselves, we’ve been more mediocre than great.  Rodgers has been able to be his incredible self, we’ve gotten some great wins, some amazing highlights, but it is the head coach’s job to reinvent himself, the team, the playbook, and win big games.  This is where we’ve fallen short.

It has been too long that we continue to do the same things and expect a different result.  The back to back playoff losses to the 49ers, an epic meltdown in Seattle, and the lost season of 2015 due allegedly to the loss of Jordy Nelson, and a coaching staff that didn’t enforce off season workouts of Eddie Lacy.  The lost season of 2015 ended in Arizona, right where the Patriots 2016 season opened up.  Except the Patriots showed up to Arizona without Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, or Rob Ninkovich and they walked out with a win.

This Packers team has too much talent to continue to lose due to lack of quality coaching.  We say “Enough is Enough”, and we hope you do too, it is time the organization moves on from Mike McCarthy.


Can I Become a Contributor and Write Articles or Share My Thoughts?

Absolutely! Contact us through the Contact Us form.

How Can I Support The Cause?

We will soon be selling T-shirts and stickers for you to proudly share your stance, and get more of Packer Nation behind the movement. We need this movement to catch fire, speak openly with your friends/packer fans about the need to move on from Mike McCarthy, share our posts on Facebook, and contribute articles.  If you have ideas of ways to do more please contact us!