A team doesn’t step onto the field and perform as poorly as the Packers did today and honestly feel like they are trying their best.  If they aren’t trying their best, than that means the coach isn’t performing.  It is time for the Packers to part ways with Mike McCarthy.

Personally, I am at a loss for words when it comes to today’s performance.  Going down 28 points in a game is bad, never mind being outscored 28-0 at one point in a half.. never mind it is to THE TENNESSEE TITANS?!  As long as Aaron Rodgers is the QB, I just never imagined a world in which we’d be noncompetitive with franchises such as The Browns, The Jaguars, and THE TITANS.  If we have any one of those games on the calendar, it should be a guaranteed win.

The lack of execution by this Green Bay Packers team is not just players not making plays, it goes far beyond that.  This team has in an essence given up, they’re going through the motions to get through this season.  Leadership has let them down.  They run a “draft and develop” system in which the strategy is to draft smart, and develop talent with your internal system.  This works for many organizations, but the “system” which the Packers are to develop players is broken.

Mike McCarthy has an unprecedented level of coaching turnover – http://archive.jsonline.com/sports/packers/when-it-comes-to-cutting-coaches-mccarthy-is-king-b99672752z1-369380531.html – When you have an unprecedented level of coaching turn over, how are you supposed to consistently develop these players that are being drafted?  Systems work when people have faith in the system.  Imagine a coaching staff that had been there for 10 years, seen success together, saw some failure together, knew how their colleague other coaches thought and preached to their players.. That is a system in which the coaches can lean on one anther, the players can turn to the coaches for help, and trust that they are in good hands.  These are the qualities of a system that works, that people can put faith in, that if you put the right inputs in, it spits back out positive results.

Now close your eyes, think about an organization that you are a part of, most likely your workplace, and imagine a management team that is constantly turning over.  The person that trained you to do your job, is no longer there, a new boss came in and wanted to do things his way, so you shifted gears.  Then a year or two later, you have to do it all over again, and again.  Not only do you need to change what you need to do, but other departments are having to do the same thing.  Think of all the processes changes that come with changing managers of every department on a regular basis?  When you are learning to do your job to your new manager’s liking, do you have any faith that what you are learning will apply 2 years from now? Or do you start just going through the motions?

This team is not performing in all phases of the game, not on defense, not on offense, not on special teams, they let their star running back become over weight, hall of fame QB is disenfranchised, unprecedented churn on coaching staff means McCarthy is bad at hiring/retaining good talent.. when will enough be enough?

The head coach has lost the locker room, it is time for this organization to move on from Mike McCarthy.