This website began in September.  At that time nobody was calling for the change in leadership in Green Bay, now it is the talk of the NFL.  I wish our season’s fate was not trending in the direction that we feared back in September, however I am happy to see the movement picking up momentum.  At the end of the day if this team doesn’t pick up momentum the Sack Mike McCarthy movement should.

This week all major sports media outlets have picked up the Fire Mike McCarthy movement.  There are articles on,, CBS, FOX, YAHOO, NBC, the list goes on and on..

We want this team to return to greatness, but today we are not performing in all phases of the game.  The current leadership team has yet to jump start the offense dating back to last year, the defense hasn’t performed, special teams.. we all remember Seattle and haven’t seen a ton of improvement.. Coaching staff has unprecedented churn meaning McCarthy can’t hire or retain key coaching talent which has led to the “develop system” of the draft and develop philosophy not being able to hold its end of the bargain, and players becoming disengaged..

The movement to replace McCarthy is gaining steam, here are a few articles written after this week’s horrendous loss to the Titans: