The Packers melt down has gotten to the point that Rolling Stone is writing an article about how we are wasting the best years of Aaron Rodgers.  Below are a few highlight quotes and a link to the full article.  It is time The Green Bay Packers made a change in leadership and moved on from their head coach, Mike McCarthy.


For the Green Bay Packers, a team that has been to the playoffs in each of the last seven seasons, they had the best opportunity to take advantage of a championship window – the prime years of Aaron Rodgers – but they blew that chance with terrible drafting and talent evaluation from a front office led by general manager Ted Thompson. The Packers have insisted that they can build a consistent champion with almost no outside free agents, except that since 2010 they’ve drafted 60 players and produced just two Pro Bowlers: Eddie Lacy and Randall Cobb, both of whom got that honor just one time and have painfully regressed in the last two seasons.

With an average offense and an average defense, Green Bay finds themselves at 4-6 and facing a rebuild season in 2017, possibly with a new GM and head coach.

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It is time for the Packers to Sack Mike McCarthty