Set to receive the ball in the fourth quarter, down two points with 2:05 on the clock, Aaron Rodgers licking his chops with one time out and the two minute warning.. The kickoff sails into the end zone, is caught by the returner, and Rodgers trots onto the field…

PSYCH! The returner decides to run it out of the end zone, doesn’t even reach the 25 and fumbles the ball on the 20.  The Rams recover and ice the game.

This is completely inexcusable situational football.  There are only two explanations and both of them fall on the coaching staff:

  1. The coaching staff decides to try to return the kick and give Ty Montgomery the go-ahead to return the ball. 
  2. Ty Montgomery was supposed to kneel but instead was undisciplined and returned it anyways.

Either of these two explanation is a reflection of bad football coaching, led by no other than Mike McCarthy.

The fact that The Packers had plenty of time, one timeout, only needed to reach field goal range, and Aaron Rodgers didn’t even get the ball is an absolute shame. SHAME ON YOU MIKE MCCARTHY! 

Week in and week out we continue to witness one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game continue to be hamstrung by a head coach who constantly displays a lack of situational football acumen.  Just his week NBC Sports came out with an article highlighting the shocking amount of timeouts wasted by Green Bay, and whose fault is this cronic issue? The head coach’s, Mike McCarthy, full article found here –

If Mike McCarthy can’t use timeouts effectively, draft a game plan that Aaron Rodgers is excited about, or have the respect of his team to honor his demand to not return balls kicked into the end zone, then why is he still the head coach???

Don’t blame this loss on Ty Montgomery, blame it on a system which continues to waste timeouts, make poor coaching decisions, and doesn’t put Aaron Rodgers in situations that he can succeed.

If Ty Montgomery had pulled what he did in New England, he’d be either cut tomorrow morning, or benched for multiple weeks. Oddly enough the Packers will travel to New England next week to face off against the best coach in a generation, if not ever. All Packer fans should watch close and appreciate the coaching decisions that get made on the other side of the ball.

If history repeats its self, Mike McCarthy will hinder The Packers while Bill Belichick will make decisions that put his team in positive situations.

The time has come to move on from Mike McCarthy and put Aaron Rodgers in situations to succeed.