The season was on the line tonight and Mike McCarthy failed.  He didn’t just fail with a few minor flaws, he failed spectacularly in vintage Mike McCarthy fashion.  The Packers had season lows for points scored, yards gained, passing yards, and 3rd down conversions.

The Packers simply failed to execute the basics of the game and McCarthy failed to use his position as head coach to put his team in situations to succeed.  McCarthy’s special teams were riddled with unnecessary penalties, time outs were blown and spent in aid of the opposing team, delay of game penalties called on 3rd down, and they simply lacked creativity in the play calling.

Early in the second half the Packers needed to convert on 3rd and short.  One would think that after the previous week where McCarthy was heavily criticized for failing to go for it on 4th and 2, that he would now have a number of go-to plays up his sleeve to convert a much needed few yards.  Can’t criticize him for a simple run play on 3rd and 2, but what happened after is inexcusable.

Following a 3rd down run attempt that made it 4th and inches, The Packers failed to run a play and burned a precious second half timeout because McCarthy didn’t like the spot of the ball.  He then proceeded to yell at the official instead of dialing up a play on 4th and Inches.  The play he ultimately chose, was an anti-climactic HB dive to the right which was short of the first down.  HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE A BETTER GO-TO PLAY CALL?!

How about the end of second half with just under 2 minutes remaining and McCarthy called a timeout following a Vikings completion on 2nd down?!  The Vikings ended up getting a penalty on 3rd down, backed them up even further, then proceeded to convert the 3rd and long! Once again McCarthy called a timeout that ultimately gave the Vikings a field goal attempt to end the half. The field goal attempt was luckily (although in the end it didn’t matter!) missed, but it once again is McCarthy putting his team into holes as opposed to easier positions to succeed.

Special teams didn’t field a punt at a crucial time in the 4th quarter which resulted in a turnover, were called for illegal touching after an embarrassing attempt to stop a punt from entering the end zone , and an additional penalty for an illegal formation… ON A PUNT!

There isn’t a whole ton more to say.. When the offense puts up the worst performance of the season, special teams is a dumpster fire, are winless on the road and have a 15% chance of making the playoffs everyone sees the writing on the wall.  The only sad thing is that we’ve been publicly calling for the end of the Mike McCarthy era since the end of the 2015 season.

If The Packers had moved on from Mike McCarthy in 2016, we’d likely have gone through the pains of head coach regime change.  Instead we’re going to be paying Rodgers a massive sum of money through the transition and hope to have a few good seasons to close out Rodgers’ career.

Mike McCarthy’s days on the sideline coaching the Green Bay Packers are at a maximum of 5 days, and with that I am thankful.