When will this nightmare end?

When will the most talented quarterback to ever play the game be set up for success?

The Packers had a brilliant Super Bowl run (let’s not forget they barely made the playoffs in 2010), a great 15-1 2011 regular season which ended in the divisional round. Between 2012 – 2017 The Packers have only earned a first round playoff bye once.  The one first round bye was in 2014… which ended in the meltdown in Seattle.

In the same timespan, The Patriots have earned six first round byes, Broncos earned four,  Seahawks earned two, Falcons earned two, and the Panthers have earned two.  Meanwhile the Packers fit in with the crew of teams all having earned one first round bye the past six years –  Cardinals, Vikings, Cowboys, Chiefs, Eagles, Steelers, and 49ers.  What do all of those teams have in common? They aren’t elite!

The Green Bay Packers have Aaron Rodgers and The Packers consistently don’t achieve enough in the regular season to earn themselves a first round bye. We aren’t talking about a couple years, we are talking about a six year span of underachievement masked as success because they “ran the table” when they should have just won enough games earlier season, or “we made the playoffs”.

Every year instead of coming in and dominating with the best player in the league, the Packers are fighting for their playoff lives. Already this year The Pack showed up to Washington 100% unprepared to play The Redskins,  repeatedly stalled out on drives against The Bills (come on!), and then against The Lions were completely impotent on offense until it was too late.  We almost lost to the Bears and blew a size-able lead to the Vikings.

Sure, against The Lions the special teams squad didn’t do their job. But whose job is it to make sure that all three phases of the game are firing on all cylinders? If the team consistently enters games with a stale offense, undisciplined defense, and now special teams is responsible for a loss.. when does this nightmare end?

Mike McCarthy must be fired before Aaron Rodgers runs out his career in Green Bay having only reached the Super Bowl on one unlikely wild card run hot streak. Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t have to do it all.  He should be able to work in an environment where he has confidence in his coaches game plan and can focus his energy on lifting other players.

Instead for some reason he has to argue to get the team’s best running back Aaron Jones to be the primary back and to feature their best players in play calls more often. Aaron Jones’ career yards per carry is 5.7.. That is the exact same as Alvin Kamara, but did he get the ball much today against a terrible Loins run defense? Aaron Jones got the ball 7 times while Montgomery and Williams combined for 10 carries.. and what did Aaron Jones do? He gained 40 yards, or exactly 5.7 yards per carry! Feed the man, give the people what they want! Make it easy on Rodgers! Enough with this McCarthy cutesy matchup packages that don’t produce or get the team into a rhythm.

Rodgers shouldn’t be having to worry about this, he should have full confidence that his coach is going to put the best players on the field at all times, and do everything in his power to get the best players the football. The sad thing is that Packer Nation has been to this party before, it seems promising in the pregame, but the host makes obviously terrible decisions that ultimately lead to the party’s demise.

Band together Packer Nation, we’ll get through this nightmare, the more of us that call out McCarthy’s shortcomings the quicker Rodgers will lead us back to the promise-land.